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Here we do not believe that one technique or one set of tools can or should be the answer for every dog and owner. Collectively we are proficient in all of them, and will use what is determined best in partnership with our clients to achieve the desired results while staying within the best interest and well being of the dogs. We treat each dog and family as a unique case and create a personalized plan. 

We teach and train both dogs and humans with fairness, clarity, and consistency at the forefront. Our main goal is always to help guide dogs and their humans to a more balanced and healthy life together.

Meet, greet, assess and evaluate. Ask questions, set goals, learn about our programs and choose the best path for you and your dog.

Call to schedule a consultation today! 714.455.9082

Private in-depth consultations and hands-on works sessions custom tailored to you and your dog and your specific training and behavior goals. Private sessions are held on-site or at your home with one of our top Dog Behaviorist

    Call our office to book an appointment or to get detailed information 714-455-9082.

Board & Train / Day Training Programs

Our multifaceted facility offers you and your dog a one of a kind training experience. 
Initial consultation is required. Please schedule a consultation to tour the facility and learn more about our Training programs and which one may be right for you.

Come train with us in a supportive group environment on our beautiful 8,000 sq.ft. “Real Grass” training field. We offer: Socialization, Adult and Puppy Obedience, Puppy Socials, and much more


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