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Puppy Classes



Puppy Group Class

 PUPPY Level 2

Dog Obedience

Master Instructor: Gina Brunick

Level 1 Obedience

Designed for adolescent age dogs 1 year+. Foundational obedience commands and proper leash manners will be introduced. 

Level 2 Obedience

Ready for the next step in obedience training. In this 4 week class, we work on a 15ft minimum leash getting your dog to start working commands at a distance. Your dog will learn: Stand command, obedience in motion, place/sit/down from a distance, and much more.

This class is taught by our Head Trainer and Royal K9 Owner

Gina Brunick.

Dog Obedience

Master Instructor: Gina Brunick

Obedience Classes

Designed for puppies and adolescent age dogs 6-12 months. This class covers the vital lessons and experiences

puppies should have throughout this precious and formative early stage of development. Social skills and confidence will develop by introducing them to unique habitats, obstacle courses, sensory stimulation, food games, and social group interactions. Foundational obedience commands and proper leash manners will be introduced.Cultivate your relationship with your puppy, develop confidence, and begin the journey of learning together.

Prerquisite: Puppy Basics

This class is a continuation from Puppy Basics. It's designed to compliment and build off everything you learned from our beginning class.

This class will teach you how to reinforce the place command, work on leash skills and manners, socialization on and off leash.

4 week class

Taught by Owner and Head Trainer


Dog Psychology Group Classes

(Walking Technique Class)


Learn to be a calm and confident pack leader and improve the relationship between you and your dog.  Does your pup need help with their leash manners?  This is the class for you!  A perfect balance between teaching your dog how to follow and giving you the tools to communicate confidently.

  • Introduction of the slip lead

  • Pressure/release

  • Guiding 

  • Positioning

  • Follower vs explore states

  • Communication vs correction

  • Basic leash work

  • Navigating distractions

  • Leash reactivity 101

  • Pack hike

An introduction to socialization, body language and canine communication.  Learn how to create balanced and happy interactions with and for your dog so that they can socialize calm and confidently.

  • What is socialization?

  • Recognizing body language

  • How do dogs communicate with each other?

  • Invitational vs confrontational communication

  • Play styles

  • Structured socialization

  • The off switch - settling your dog 

  • Proximity level passbys

  • Pack leadership

  • Dog to dog intros

Dog Psychology
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